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Read a horrific story about an eight year old girl who was bullied on a school ground to the point of having her scalp physically torn off by the other children:


Welcome to the public schools. These are the people who claim that as soon as a child is on their grounds, the child belongs to them; they are the protector and a parent has no rights. Yet this type of stuff happens al the time because when everybody owns a given commodity (think our children in schools) then nobody takes care of it, because it’s everyone’s responsibility and someone else will take care of it. Much of the damage to the young girl’s scalp happened on a playground on school grounds.

The upshot is that it’s time to homeschool now, and disband national teachers unions along with the Department of Education later, and return schooling fully to the States and local governments.

God gives a parent responsibility over a child and the role of government should be to protect individual life, liberty and property, not to try to subvert parents. They’re not doing a very good job now of education or parenting values into kids.

Ultimately, parents, the responsibility is up to you. Your children belong to you.


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Planned Parenthood is now being given direct access to set up shop in a public high school in Los Angeles.  Planned Parenthood is notorious for providing abortion advice and procedures to minors without their parent’s knowledge or consent.  And many educators believe that for the time children are on public school grounds, they – the public schools – own those kids, not the parents.   They believe they have a legal and moral obligation to raise the kids, instill values, transmit a world view and take complete care of them.
Regardless of what public school officials or liberal organizations believe, parents still have sovereignty over children.  A de-facto pro-abortion organization that purposely undermines parental rights being given privy to the inside of a public school is, I think, a bad idea.   It’s also a perfect example of the problem with national government education.  You can’t educate a child apart from a respect towards religion, and whether the world view is secular, humanist or socialist it is still as religious as any church doctrine.   It still teaches attitudes towards God, towards family, towards personal morality, towards parents, and towards the value of each innocent human individual’s life.  And that’s a religious proposition.

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