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Recently I was accused on Facebook of being racist because I don’t believe people are actual separate races, rather I believe every person is simply a human being and that we all have different features including melanin, height, shoe size and iris color.  This view was deemed “racist” because my view apparently perpetuates racism and constitutes, in and of itself “white privilege”.  I penned the following response –

No, I believe racism exists. It is believing others are separate races, and treating people differently or as inferiors if they are believed to be a different race.

Most of America – light skinned, dark skinned, whatever – treats the community of those who happen to trace their forebears to Africa fairly. Or even deferentially. Ironically it is within the community itself that a number of people who are murdered every six months equal to the total number of racist lynchings ever recorded in U.S. history (about 3,500).

Now it may be racism that practically no one hears the names of the current victims of violence in the community – but if it is it would be a Leftist, anti-white racism involving 1) blaming many (most?) of the problems within the community on “white privilege” and past systemic racism which America largely overcame in the 60’s through 90’s, and 2) focusing on every shooting by police of a person who happens to have a lot of melanin and then spinning a false narrative that there is rampant police violence against people who happen to have a lot of melanin. The assertion is patently false and in most cases the shootings are outright ~lied about~ by those on the Left trying to create a narrative that it is indicative of “white” oppression / “white” privilege / “white” racism / “white” insensitivity / “white” passive racism / “white” cultural racism / “white” .

No one goes into any community and dictates to it’s members what they do with their free time, what they study, what they value, what families they form, what jobs they work towards being qualified for and apply for, what businesses they try to start, what homes they try to save money for a down payment towards, what their personal budget is, etc. Those are all things individuals are responsible for. Those are absolutely pivotal for financial success, and they are 100% dependent upon a community’s own values, desires, beliefs and actions.

More sad still is that a community’s culture also affects it’s tendency towards or against criminal behavior, and towards behaviors that result in poverty and criminal behavior. Right now 14% of the nation commits around 50% of the murders, and similarly high percentages of robbery and assault. That’s not because they happen to have melanin, it’s because of community culture. Race has nothing to do with it. And it’s not racist when the consequences of such choices are higher incarcerations rates within the community, again regardless of melanin or heritage.

When the civil rights movement happened in the 60’s driven by conservative Christians and Republicans the community’s out of wedlock birth rate was around 25%. That rate – and marriage is the number one indicator for financial success – has gotten steadily worse over the course of the past five decades and now stands at nearly 75% out of wedlock births. No community can be successful doing that. No one is forcing them to (although the Democrats have created welfare incentives for such behavior, primarily out of a view that the community is somehow inherently helpless). There has been a similar regression in business starts, savings rates, home ownership, etc., all related to the first issue of the breakdown of the family.

The telling factor is that there is no similar regression of choices or outcomes among first and second generation African immigrants, nor among Asian Indian immigrants and communities. If “white” racism were responsible for the plight of the African American community we would see a similar fate falling upon African immigrants and Asian Indians. Instead African immigrants fare much better than the community – on par with immigrants of any melanin type from any part of the world with similar economics – and Asian Indians actually fare better than average Americans in many cases (education, some job sectors like high tech, etc.)

So the Left’s narrative of “white privilege” and “white racism” is patently false, and it is the Left’s own policies and values which are causing devastation in places like Detroit, St. Louis, Baltimore, Charlotte and Chicago. The Left needs to look at it’s own racism – both anti-“white” and low expectation towards African Americans – and it’s policies which are contributing to the breakdown of families and economic opportunities.

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NPR’s new flag looks like they were trying to kowtow and condescend towards what they consider backwards, ridiculously patriotic conservatives. The problem is that it’s really progressivism which is backwards, and true patriotism is never campy or ridiculous.

Besides the obvious message of the flag that it’s the Left – Democrat blue! – and the Right all coming together (which is ridiculous because the Left’s version of coming together is, “here’s your flag, you have to use it”), the other problem with the flag is that it looks like Mary Lou Retton’s leotard from the 1984 Olympics.

NPR’s new “southern flag”

is Mary Lou Retton’s leotard from 1984:

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I recently read an editorial written by a Pastor about the racial riots happening in Ferguson, Missouri. 
To me the editorial made it sound as if the riots should be considered equally the fault of those on the political Left and those on the political Right.  But I believe there is zero moral equivalence between the political Left in our country, with it’s pattern of racism, bias and collectivist agitation, and those of us who simply object to such racism, bias and collectivist agitation.

You can see the bias on the side of the left in their insistence on racial quotas, their inclusion or exclusion of race in criminal reporting based on who was involved with the crime, and their use of terms such as “whiteness”, or, “white privilege”, etc.

Dr. King’s desire – and that of the great Frederick Douglass before him – was that every man, regardless of the arbitrary amount of melanin they happen to have in their skin – would be judged only by the content of their character.

Scripture teaches that we are all related three times – once through Adam, again through Noah and ultimately by the work of Christ on the cross, who shed His blood to pay for sin and conquer death. That is the true basis for forgiveness and reconciliation.

Anthropology teaches that there are really no such things as races because for every variation of human feature you can find some family, some tribe, some group of people exactly in between. No one can draw a line and say, “Here is where a yellow race begins,” or, “Here is where a red race ends,” etc.

To divide people based on the amount of melanin they happen to have makes no more sense that it would make to divide people on the basis of eye color or earlobe shape. It would be like taking everyone who happens to be 5′ 7″ to 5′ 8″ tall and declaring, “This is the race of the Mid-Heighters!” It would be illogical because it’s such an arbitrary division.

Why is division based on skin color considered any less arbitrary?

People who realize that this is the state of things are morally superior to – not morally equivalent to – those who purposely divide others by arbitrarily defining races and then inflaming seeds of resentment, envy and murder between groups.

Blessed are the peace makers.

Peace begins by telling the truth, not by trying to reach agreement using a false premise.

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I subscribe to WebMD mail updates, and I was shocked to see them send me an “exclusive” interview with President Obama where he stumps on behalf of the ACA and tries to alienate women from men along lines of class envy. I used the contact feature of their website to send them my response:

“I subscribe to email from health@messages.webmd.com. Usually the content is great, however this time I received a video from a President who has blatantly lied about keeping my plan and my doctor. The video is part of a campaign for people to sign up for what we all, by law, have no choice about signing up for. In the video, the President calls being female a ‘preexisting condition’ that women had to pay more for. In reality pregnancy is what’s been more expensive for women and this is insurance, so it should reflect costs. Furthermore, women are actually paying more now (the same way men are) because four-fifths of the population is being forced to pay for a fifth who choses not to work to have ‘Cadillac’ health care at everyone else’s expense. And perversely, most of those who are paying more now can’t afford to get treated if a condition is found, because working men and women are being subjected to unaffordable copays and deductibles. The President MADE this happen by choosing to interpret the ACA as making everyone’s plan, which he said they could keep, as now covering, ‘too little’. And so now a 50 year old infertile women must pay for pregnancy coverage where they didn’t have to before. Another thing, if we stayed closer to traditional values in our society – something this President opposes in education and civil law – then more pregnancies would be paid for by a man and a woman together, not just a woman. I think it’s disgraceful that WebMD is sending propaganda, and it’s incorrect, misleading propaganda.”

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Chris Wallace interviewing the chief architect of the ACA, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, who is an avowed socialist and proponent of relative morality. Wallace tries to get a straight answer out of Emanuel – didn’t the President promise that if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor? Listen to Emanuel laugh out loud at the question, and then try to change it by saying, “The President never said you were going to have unlimited choice of any doctor in the country…” Wanting to keep my doctor, who I have had for the past 10 years, is not asking for an unlimited choice of any doctor. I simply want to keep mine, who the President promised I could keep. But that’s how truth works with these people – it’s entirely relative and subject to the concerns of arbitrarily defined class interests. When pressed further Emanuel abandons the line and says, “Yes, but look, if you want to pay more for an insurance company that covers your doctor you can do that.” Translation: If you want to pick and choose what service the government allows you to have, you are part of an arbitrarily conceived and defined class of “haves” who must be plundered and have their wealth redistributed to an arbitrarily conceived and defined class of “have nots”. Folks, this is pure Marxism. At the end Wallace says, “The President guaranteed me I can keep my doctor.” Emanuel responds, “And if you want to, you can pay for it.” Watch Emanuel’s facial expressions and body language.  He knows his answers before Wallace even asks the questions, and clearly considers it demeaning to have to explain things to those he considers to be the ignorant and unenlightened masses. In his mind, it doesn’t matter that the President lied to everyone. All that matters is furthering the cause of Marxist wealth redistribution.  In his mind, you are too ignorant to choose your own doctor.

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Read a horrific story about an eight year old girl who was bullied on a school ground to the point of having her scalp physically torn off by the other children:


Welcome to the public schools. These are the people who claim that as soon as a child is on their grounds, the child belongs to them; they are the protector and a parent has no rights. Yet this type of stuff happens al the time because when everybody owns a given commodity (think our children in schools) then nobody takes care of it, because it’s everyone’s responsibility and someone else will take care of it. Much of the damage to the young girl’s scalp happened on a playground on school grounds.

The upshot is that it’s time to homeschool now, and disband national teachers unions along with the Department of Education later, and return schooling fully to the States and local governments.

God gives a parent responsibility over a child and the role of government should be to protect individual life, liberty and property, not to try to subvert parents. They’re not doing a very good job now of education or parenting values into kids.

Ultimately, parents, the responsibility is up to you. Your children belong to you.

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Constitutional right…

(Warning:  Strong language ahead dealing with Abortion.  Read ahead at your own discretion.)

Saw a news story that a Federal Judge has decided it’s not “Constitutional” to limit access to Abortion in Texas by requiring doctors to follow some basic standards.


My comment on the article:

Last time I checked there is no Constitutional right to take the life of an innocent human individual. By the way, if you protest that it is not an innocent human individual, science and DNA are against you. It is mythology to pretend that the life in the womb is not an innocent human individual. If you want a Constitutional right to abortion simply propose a Constitutional Amendment which reads, “The People shall have the right to take the lives of innocent human individuals in the womb through burning with saline solution, vivisection, crushing, pulling apart [with tongs] or tearing apart through strong suction,” and get 38 State Legislatures to approve the Amendment. If you cannot get 38 States to do this, you have no right pretending that it’s Constitutional to take the lives of innocent human individuals.

I’m sick of all the lies.  I have compassion if someone does what they don’t realize is wrong, but being confronted with the truth in the harshest terms is the only road to beginning healing and fogiving one’s self.   Repentence is the cure.  I don’t think people should be punished in the here and now, and I see a lot of similarities between abortion and slavery.  Both practices see a certain class a human beings as not being real human individuals (and in both cases DNA proves them utterly wrong).  People are people.  We need to discontinue this practice except in cases where truly neither the mother or the child could survie – ectopic pregnancy, which is a tragedy, a truly unavoidable fatal condition.  But in all other case, a human individual’s life should be protected and cannot be taking at will by another human being, even their parents.

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