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A lot of people don’t know that historical Dracula (Vlad the Impaler of Romania) learned the practice of impaling from Muslims. It’s been common for over a millennia in the Middle East for Muslims to impale their victims, pushing a sharply pointed pole up the center of the victim’s posterior (if you know what I mean), along the back of the rib cage (to avoid puncturing the vital organs) and then out through the shoulder. Bury the stake in the ground upright – so the victim is squatting off the ground impaled and in an upright position – and it can take up to three hellish, torturous days to die.

The last Caliphate committed genocide against over three million Christians between 1914 and 1922 before it was disbanded, following WW1 – the Armenian Genocide, Assyrian Genocide and Greek Genocide. Almost nobody in the U.S. today has ever heard of these genocides Those are staggering numbers given how few people lived in those areas at the time. Now the new attempt at a Muslim Caliphate is starting right where the old one left off.

This is chilling because the Jihadis <i>are</i> correctly following Islam. Almost the last “revelation” of Muhammad was the Hadith Sahih Muslim 19:4294, which commands them to convert, subjugate or outright kill non-Muslims. Because this was one of the final revelations chronologically it takes precedence in Muslim theology over all earlier conflicting revelations.

Muslim members of pro-Jihadi groups like CAIR in the U.S. will freely lie about this, presenting earlier non-binding revelations from Muhammad as if these took precedence over Sahih Muslim 19:4294, because lying advances the Muslim cause and is <i>ethical</i> to them. Such lying to advance Islam is known as “Taqiyya”, and there are verses scattered throughout the Quran and Hadiths justifying it.

Muslim ideology is demonic and the Christian world needs to destroy it before the ideology destroys us. We did not start this war. We must finish it through civil government, using the Judeo Christian principles of just war and punishing fault (outlawing of Jihad killings, honor killings, female mutilation, plots to commit these, etc.)

Otherwise, civilization will be facing a true twilight.


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A few tongue in cheek thoughts on the assault rifle debate –

1. They’re called assault rifles because if you’re shot 2 or 3 times by a semi-automatic AR-15, that would constitute an act of assault against you, whereas if you are shot 2 or 3 times by a muzzle loader, a lever action or even a semi-automatic wooden stocked rifle (such as a 30.06 or 270), that would not be an act of assault against you.  That must be the logic of the Left who came up with the term, right?

2. The defining features of assault rifles are ergonomic in nature. This type of thing is much more common than you might believe. I hate to admit it but I have an assault chair at work, and I recently purchased an assault keyboard. (Man, the keyboard looks so cool!)

3. I think before we address the assault rifle problem we should take a cold, hard look at indecent exposure rifles, extortion rifles, racketeering rifles and unreasonable use of force rifles. I do ~not~ think we need to address petty rifles, such as white lie rifles and rifles which are simply feeling cantankerous.

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Just read a tragic story about police tasing a father who was simply trying to get into a burning building trying to save his three year old son:


Here is why this happened –

In the mind of enlightenment thinking in general, and Marxist socialism in particular, people are simply “the masses”.  They are only products of evolution and genetics because there can surely be no God (after all, we’ve never seen evidence of Him!  We’ll accept a binary radio signal from space if we find it but we’ll discount a quaternary programming language capable of programming a human being!).  Therefore all powers reside with the State, period.  The State allows people to have rights or not.  In this world view, nobody is guilty of crimes because they are the product of society.  So all of society must pay for crime, not the criminal.  In the same way, people are not allowed to perform heroics or acts of self defense, because that is only the role of the State.  If people try to resist crime, or defend themselves, or be heroes, they MUST be prosecuted and thrown in jail.  After all, they are bucking the system, and that’s dangerous!  Meanwhile, people die as victims of crime, they die from not being able to protect themselves, and they die waiting for police and fire responders who, if a situation looks remotely dangerous, will many times just wait on the sidelines and sort out the bodies afterwards.  In a very real way, it’s like playing God. You know the old phrase, “Let God sort them out”?  If pure humanism and naturalism is all that informs one’s belief of an original cause and decision making,  and is the only  standard for one’s ethics, then they are in effect worshipping mankind and nature.  That is what functions in the place of religion in their life.  So it’s only natural that they would believe the State gets to play God.  Many people in positions of leadership in the government these days effectively do believe government is equal to what we would consider God, having all assumed powers and rights over individuals, as well as having assumed responsibility for imposing morality over people.  There couldn’t be a more stark contrast between this view and the Judeo Christian values our nation was founded on, that,  “…all men are…endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness …”  People should have liberty to oppose criminals, defend themselves and try to protect others.  If the current logic of the police were played out in the situation with the burning house and the three year old, on 911 the police would have stood outside the World Trade Towers and tased the people trying to go inside as first responders.   Think about that.  When the State plays God, people are coerced into a role of standing by and watching other pepole die.

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