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Something we observed starkly in the past century is that the fruits of collectivism are ~always~ poverty, want, and gross inequality between the “planners” and the “masses”. In the early 90’s everyone remembered the example of East vs. West Germany. Today it seems like hardly anyone does. North Korea and South Korea provide an example today, and they are hardly ever presented in terms of the fruits of collectivism vs. the fruits of individualism.

Arguably California, Michigan, Illinois and New York contain today’s examples of the farthest governments have gone towards collectivism in the U.S. and the examples are not pretty. Detroit, a town which hasn’t had a Republican mayor since 1961 and which has been politically ruled by the labor union the UAW, has fallen into decline even though the past two Presidential administrations have given billions of taxpayer dollars in corporate welfare to reward businesses which should have failed naturally and/or been restructured.

Look at these pictures of some sections of Detroit. Look through all five pages of the blog.


THIS is the fruit of following collectivism. With no choices and diminishing resources most people resolve to wanting to be rewarded for failing or unproductive behavior and many want someone else to do the work. Goods and services are consumed by government and union employees and by people receiving wealth redistribution, and none of these three groups is producing goods and services that society can consume in turn. It is a net drag on the economy and impoverishes everyone. And it’s reaching a tipping point in some governments across the U.S., especially with national debt now at $55,000 per ~individual~ in the U.S. And progressives in Congress and the various states show no sign of stopping the unsustainable behavior.

Don’t let progressives turn our nation into a large version of Detroit.


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