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This story breaks my heart. A young child with cancer has lost insurance because of the ACA:


This is by design. President Obama didn’t have to interpret the “keep your existing plan” clause in the ACA so restrictively that he virtually assumes legislative powers and erases the clause, but he chose to do so, on purpose. (Read page 99, Sec. 1251) He wants to drive everyone off their existing plan and onto a plan where the top 4/5ths of wage earners pay for Cadillac health plans for the bottom 1/5th- most of whom are 20-somethings that don’t need plans anyway. President Obama wanted this young child to lose his insurance. He wants everyone to, so that he can crash the system and replace it with Marxist single-payer. In fact, the story works in his favor because even though he is single-handedly the author of this boy losing his insurance, President Obama can pretend to blame it on the free market and lobby to replace it with Communist style cradle-to-grave government control over health, life and death (see Article 24). He admitted that this is what he wants at a private union meeting in 2008 . If you voted for him because you don’t follow government issues and believed his lies a year and a half ago, you need to learn the basics of how the U.S. government is supposed to operate, start following politics and never vote for another Progressive again. You could also consider calling your representatives in Washington D.C. (202-224-3121, just give your zip code) to demand immediate defunding and full repeal of the ACA. Especially when you think that a child with cancer lost their health insurance because of the ACA.


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