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The UK site Independent has run a story about lab produced “three-parent babies”.  The babies are are spliced together using the same technique used in cloning Dolly The Sheep.  In this case the purpose of the procedure is to allow two people of the same sex to claim that they’ve parented a child together.  That’s not really what’s happening.

Every one of us has our own DNA, originally spun when a sperm from our father came together with an egg from our mother and the two sequences began to combine.  Within your mother’s egg itself were the “engines” of cells, called organelles.  Every cell has them and one of the quirks of genetics is that your organelles which convert food to energy – called mitochondria – do not have the same DNA as you do.  Rather they have the same DNA as your mother, who got her mitochondrial DNA from her mother, and so forth.  Men, your mitochondrial DNA came from your mom.  You don’t get to pass it along.

When technicians undergo a procedure to produce a “three-parent baby”, the child does not really use the DNA of three people.  The child simply uses the mitochondrial DNA of a third individual.  The way that technicians get the mitochondria and other organelles from that third individual is to murder them.  They take a newly conceived human individual, cut out their nucleus and discard it, killing them.  Then the technicians cut another individual out of their own cell – also someone who is newly conceived – and transplant them into the cell of the individual who’s just been killed.  

This act of murder is done so that a third person, usually a gay spouse, can claim that their DNA is also in the child.  But all that the third person has done is murder their own child and donate that child’s mitochondria.  The technicians haven’t produced a “three parent baby”.  They killed one baby and effectively gave the other baby an organelle transplant.

How can a couple claim to be loving parents when their “parenthood” is based on killing one of the two’s children?


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It’s uncanny how the logic was identical in the Supreme Court decisions Scott v. Sandford  (the “Dred Scott” slavery case of 1857) and Roe v. Wade (the abortion case of 1973). Ultimately they were the same decision.

Scott v. Sandford:

The question before us is whether the class of persons described in the plea in abatement compose a portion of this people, and are constituent members of this sovereignty?  We think they are not…

Roe v. Wade:

All this…persuades us that the word “person,” as used in the Fourteenth Amendment, does not include the unborn…


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Rand Paul sent out a video supporting the idea of a Life At Conception Act.  The video is at:


I agree with this message.  DNA proves that life in the womb is an innocent human individual.  The idea that it isn’t a human individual, or that it is only tissue, is a form of myth which crumbles in the face of indisputable science.  My sincere wish is for full healing for anyone who has gone through abortion.  Legally, the practice is akin to the concept of slavery, with both reasoning that although this may be a human individual it somehow has less value or rights than other’s lives do.  The stated reasoning in both Roe v. Wade and Dred Scott was stated in terms of, (close paraphrase), “is this life really a person?  We don’t think so…”  I believe abortion must also eventually go the way of slavery.  There can be no moral defense for willfully taking another human individual’s life when that individual has their entire life ahead of them.  Sadly, I believe many people experience cognitive dissonance, or allow themeselves to be deceived into not really believing they are taking an innocent life.  But it’s impossible to escape reality.  Forgiveness is the road to healing and the truth really does set us free.

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There’s a news story circulating that the Obama Administration has again rejected Indiana’s attempts to defund Planned Parenthood.  The text of a very forceful letter sent from the administration to the State of Indiana can be found here

The essence of  the letter is that Medicare and Medicaid funds going to a State means the State must provide medical services, and to the Obama Administration providing medical services means providing for abortions, period:

(page 18) “….In review, § 1902(a)(23) requires that state plans for medical assistance must: ‘[P]rovide that (A) any individual eligible for medical assistance (including drugs) may obtain such assistance from any institution, agency, community pharmacy, or person, qualified to perform the service or services required…'”  (page 20)”….the proposed SPA violates the plain text of § 1902(a)(23) because it restricts individuals from obtaining covered family planning services from entities that are fit to provide and deliver such services….”  (Letter from Health and Human Services Office of Attorney Advisor to the Indiana Attorney General, dated July 5, 2012; emphasized text is from the letter)

This line of thinking is not new for the Obama Administration.  Buried in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is legislation requiring private insurers of employees to pay for abortions in the form of abortifacients.  There are no ways to opt out and no exemptions for conscience or religious faith.  In order to employ someone or insure someone in the U.S., you are now being compelled to be complicit with abortion.  And this is part of a growing trend where in at least one case a military physician has been forced to refer patients for abortion against his personal convictions.

There is no moral difference between the Obama Administration forcing doctors and insurers to provide for abortions against their consciences and China forcing individual women to have abortions.  In both cases we are dealing with compulsory abortion.  In both cases the state is dictating and the individual must comply or face consequences that could include losing their profession, their way of life or even their freedom.  The United States has been lowered to having the same moral stance on abortion as the nation of China.

And this is the sad legacy of a President who in effect has introduced compulsory abortion to the U.S.

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Planned Parenthood is now being given direct access to set up shop in a public high school in Los Angeles.  Planned Parenthood is notorious for providing abortion advice and procedures to minors without their parent’s knowledge or consent.  And many educators believe that for the time children are on public school grounds, they – the public schools – own those kids, not the parents.   They believe they have a legal and moral obligation to raise the kids, instill values, transmit a world view and take complete care of them.
Regardless of what public school officials or liberal organizations believe, parents still have sovereignty over children.  A de-facto pro-abortion organization that purposely undermines parental rights being given privy to the inside of a public school is, I think, a bad idea.   It’s also a perfect example of the problem with national government education.  You can’t educate a child apart from a respect towards religion, and whether the world view is secular, humanist or socialist it is still as religious as any church doctrine.   It still teaches attitudes towards God, towards family, towards personal morality, towards parents, and towards the value of each innocent human individual’s life.  And that’s a religious proposition.

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