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Read a horrific story about an eight year old girl who was bullied on a school ground to the point of having her scalp physically torn off by the other children:


Welcome to the public schools. These are the people who claim that as soon as a child is on their grounds, the child belongs to them; they are the protector and a parent has no rights. Yet this type of stuff happens al the time because when everybody owns a given commodity (think our children in schools) then nobody takes care of it, because it’s everyone’s responsibility and someone else will take care of it. Much of the damage to the young girl’s scalp happened on a playground on school grounds.

The upshot is that it’s time to homeschool now, and disband national teachers unions along with the Department of Education later, and return schooling fully to the States and local governments.

God gives a parent responsibility over a child and the role of government should be to protect individual life, liberty and property, not to try to subvert parents. They’re not doing a very good job now of education or parenting values into kids.

Ultimately, parents, the responsibility is up to you. Your children belong to you.


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Constitutional right…

(Warning:  Strong language ahead dealing with Abortion.  Read ahead at your own discretion.)

Saw a news story that a Federal Judge has decided it’s not “Constitutional” to limit access to Abortion in Texas by requiring doctors to follow some basic standards.


My comment on the article:

Last time I checked there is no Constitutional right to take the life of an innocent human individual. By the way, if you protest that it is not an innocent human individual, science and DNA are against you. It is mythology to pretend that the life in the womb is not an innocent human individual. If you want a Constitutional right to abortion simply propose a Constitutional Amendment which reads, “The People shall have the right to take the lives of innocent human individuals in the womb through burning with saline solution, vivisection, crushing, pulling apart [with tongs] or tearing apart through strong suction,” and get 38 State Legislatures to approve the Amendment. If you cannot get 38 States to do this, you have no right pretending that it’s Constitutional to take the lives of innocent human individuals.

I’m sick of all the lies.  I have compassion if someone does what they don’t realize is wrong, but being confronted with the truth in the harshest terms is the only road to beginning healing and fogiving one’s self.   Repentence is the cure.  I don’t think people should be punished in the here and now, and I see a lot of similarities between abortion and slavery.  Both practices see a certain class a human beings as not being real human individuals (and in both cases DNA proves them utterly wrong).  People are people.  We need to discontinue this practice except in cases where truly neither the mother or the child could survie – ectopic pregnancy, which is a tragedy, a truly unavoidable fatal condition.  But in all other case, a human individual’s life should be protected and cannot be taking at will by another human being, even their parents.

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