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Isn’t there a fundamental conflict of interest in allowing public teacher’s unions to give any sort of campaign funds or gifts in kind to elected officials who oversee legislation for the public schools? Saying it’s free speech would be exactly analogous to saying it would be free speech for Airbus to give Pentagon officials a monetary kickback on all orders the U.S. government places with Airbus, regardless of the quality of their product or their performance.


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There is a new viral video on wealth inequality making the rounds.  It can be found at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=QPKKQnijnsM

The problem is that the phenomenon displayed in the video is a product of government collusion with business, not of economic freedom.  If we had true economic freedom competition would drastically change the curve.  And there is a second issue, that the average person no longer has an understanding of contract law or personal responsibility.  Because the average American freely goes into debt, the average American has a low or negative net worth.  But the handful of mega-credit card companies which are driving this shift in most business models away from sales and production and towards offering credit to consumers?  Yup, a product of government collusion.  They wouldn’t exist without that.  And the sad part is that the average American thinks we need MORE government collusion to try to fix this, not more economic freedom.  Place the problem squarely at the feet of our government education system (or should we call it a non-education system?)

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