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Entertainer Penn Jillette was recently on the Glen Beck show and explained his views regarding banning Christmas displays and language on government property. The interview is at: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/outspoken-provocateur-penn-jillette-to-glenn-beck-every-problem-we-have-should-be-solved-with-more-freedom-not-less/

When Mr. Jillette says, “my money should not pay for it”, and, “not on government land”, what he means is that his respect towards religion and world view – Secularism and Humanism – should arbitrarily and despotically take precedence over anyone else’s respect towards religion and world view, especially those of Christians. Now tell me: How is this open minded? How is this religious neutrality? Instead, it is religious bias of the first and most subversive order, because it pretends to be religiously neutral while Secularism and Humanism themselves are never neutral. If he was truly concerned about conservatism he would say no bars to free speech or things which constitute free speech unless something fails the legal tests for indecency and obscenity. And he would especially say no bars to free speech on government property.

I have no doubt that Mr. Jillette is sincere. I just believe that he is sincerely wrong about religious neutrality.


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