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I saw a news story today about a Principal who is planning to distribute condoms to his students following a High School prom. In my mind, what the Principal plans on doing is every bit as inexcusable as supporting child pornography.  Seriously, stop and think about it for a moment.  Promoting sex between children should be considered every bit as bad as – in fact should be considered worse than – promoting child pornography.

This brings up a good point. In our politically correct society, distributing prophylactics to minors is considered enlightened and compassionate. After all, we’re told, they’re just going to have sex anyway. Well, depending on how they’ve been raised they may or may not become sexually active at a young age. But actively encouraging children to have sex is insanity. They are too young to grasp the ramifications and consequences of sexual activity. Date rape, depression, suicide, AIDs, cervical cancer… the price of offering condoms to children in a school is much higher than mere exploitation. It causes them to exploit each other. And this makes it the ultimate child exploitation.

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