A True Twilight

A lot of people don’t know that historical Dracula (Vlad the Impaler of Romania) learned the practice of impaling from Muslims. It’s been common for over a millennia in the Middle East for Muslims to impale their victims, pushing a sharply pointed pole up the center of the victim’s posterior (if you know what I mean), along the back of the rib cage (to avoid puncturing the vital organs) and then out through the shoulder. Bury the stake in the ground upright – so the victim is squatting off the ground impaled and in an upright position – and it can take up to three hellish, torturous days to die.

The last Caliphate committed genocide against over three million Christians between 1914 and 1922 before it was disbanded, following WW1 – the Armenian Genocide, Assyrian Genocide and Greek Genocide. Almost nobody in the U.S. today has ever heard of these genocides Those are staggering numbers given how few people lived in those areas at the time. Now the new attempt at a Muslim Caliphate is starting right where the old one left off.

This is chilling because the Jihadis <i>are</i> correctly following Islam. Almost the last “revelation” of Muhammad was the Hadith Sahih Muslim 19:4294, which commands them to convert, subjugate or outright kill non-Muslims. Because this was one of the final revelations chronologically it takes precedence in Muslim theology over all earlier conflicting revelations.

Muslim members of pro-Jihadi groups like CAIR in the U.S. will freely lie about this, presenting earlier non-binding revelations from Muhammad as if these took precedence over Sahih Muslim 19:4294, because lying advances the Muslim cause and is <i>ethical</i> to them. Such lying to advance Islam is known as “Taqiyya”, and there are verses scattered throughout the Quran and Hadiths justifying it.

Muslim ideology is demonic and the Christian world needs to destroy it before the ideology destroys us. We did not start this war. We must finish it through civil government, using the Judeo Christian principles of just war and punishing fault (outlawing of Jihad killings, honor killings, female mutilation, plots to commit these, etc.)

Otherwise, civilization will be facing a true twilight.


Women And Men Lose

Recently an editor at Teen Vogue magazine said she’s not concerned if innocent men are condemned in the recent spate of sexual harassment claims nationwide.


If you read the article you’ll notice that not only is she cool with condemning the innocent, she’s cool with it because she believes no man is innocent. She wants to, “dismantle the Patriarchy“. This is the same type of misandry we saw from a Tucker Carlson guest last week who claimed men are inferior in general. She thinks any time a man has authority over a woman in any situation (work, family, government) it’s wrong. The sad thing is that she’s setting herself up for loneliness, dysfunction, unhappy relationships and a broken nuclear family. Many women are. That’s the truly scary thing about the group-think, mob like aspect of this tidal wave of allegations.

Leftist women are doing this because they’ve been taught it in school with curricula, developed by Communists such as Howard Zinn and Bill Ayers. that women are an oppressed class who need to rise up and overthrow all men in general. Unsaid is that in doing so the point for the Left is to usher in a totalitarian socialist state which can go on to seek true Communism world wide. The leaders of the anti-male movement understand this. Many women are simply being swept along and in the end will be victimized by the Left and the misandry movement more than they’ve been harassed by guys growing up. I’m not saying some guys aren’t asses, instead I’m saying such men to women abuse is limited and rapists themselves usually wind up in jail, especially these days.

But there’s a second aspect to all of this as well. Women with their power of attraction have just as much power over men as men have over women with the power of force. Women are being emboldened to abuse men, by walking about in all manner of prurient costume (or lack thereof!), even posting soft-porn pictures of themselves which have them holding signs saying things like, “Still Not Asking For It”. This is evil, first off because it’s harlotry (sorry for the use of such an old school term, it fits), and second off because many of these women are purposely attempting to torture men.

No wonder men are turning to robotic sex androids. Women in the misandry movement are destroying men and themselves, and while it’s a very small subset of the population doing this, it mirrors the small subset of men who are abusing women.

And ironically both groups of people are generally found on the Left, which makes sense because many on the Left view morality as being entirely subjective and situational. And when morality is subjective and situational, both women and men lose.

Recently Scotland apologized to people who practice homosexual behavior for historical laws which criminalized that behavior in the distant past.

The story is at:  https://ca.news.yahoo.com/scotland-apologizes-gay-men-historical-convictions-153855710.html

My initial response to the headline is that I wasn’t aware Scotland had recently convicted anyone of homosexual behavior. Why apologize to people who have never been directly affected for actions done by people who are all deceased to people who are all deceased?

Oh, yeah, because politically correct people hate the West, including the self-guilty, politically correct current leadership of Scotland.

This leads me to a great point:  It’s ironic when people with blind populism condemn their forebears for their forebears’ blind populism. And the biggest irony is that usually the faults of the blind populisms across generations are related. You know, like how the active racism of today (anti-white) condemns racism in the past that no one alive today has ever been involved with (anti-black, in the case of the long past British and American chattel slavery).

The same principle also applies to how the active religious populism of today (pagan metaphysical naturalism) seeks to condemn the active religious populism of yesteryear (pagan monarchical application of Judeo Christian concepts).

True Judeo Christian morality upholds the non-fault rights of individuals in their own private homes.  Judeo Christian morality is the very reason modern populists are, in this case erroneously, condeming Judeo Christian morality.  The condemnation is based on a mis-application of Judeo Christian sentiment in the past by what was then still a historically pagan, monarchical society. 

And now the same paganism revamped with modern terms such as “multiculturalism” and “tolerance” is seeking, just as it sought to condemn individuals based on private actions in private homes in the past, to strip all people today – including those who practice homosexual behavior – of individual rights to life, liberty and property.  Rights which originated with Genesis 1:28 in common law.

So blind populism is still violating people’s rights.  Blind populism is still the problem.

It’s tragic that a bedroom community of San Antonio experienced today a death toll almost half of that which occurred in the city of Chicago just last month. The 53 deaths in Chicago, while less than the mass shooting in Vegas, go largely unaddressed by the left leaning national media. Chicago’s worst monthly death toll this year, June, exceeded the Vegas shooting toll by 27 souls lost. Again, this is almost never addressed by the left because I’m convinced the thinkers in media care more about symbolism and socialism – and the disarming of the citizenry necessary to impose socialism – than they care about the actual lives involved. Of course this is rationalized to the point of convincing one’s self it’s for other, nobler reasons. But when push comes to shove I believe it boils down to cold, hard logic for them. What they believe is the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

Socialism in the former Soviet Union took tens of millions of it’s own citizen’s lives in “peace” time. It’s ironic that almost 20% of millennials today view the Soviet Union favorably, and many more view Communism in general favorably. They’ve come to this under the socialist teachings of leftist educators such as former Communist terrorist Bill Ayers who was a primary contributor to common core, and Howard Zinn who started the Marxist apocryphal anti-American history movement which dictates most of the contents of school history texts today, etc.

This really is a values issue. Many of those in leadership on the left who want gun control don’t truly believe in morality apart from class warfare. They believe God is unknowable, or even that belief is God is some kind of tragic psychosis. In the end they cannot condemn murder apart from some form of arbitrary rationalization. Who is to say that will to power isn’t noble, even if the one wielding power has to “crack a few eggs” to “make an omelette”. Isn’t that survival of the fittest?

Well, I have a solution to the problem of mass shootings in America these days.

1. Bring back voluntary recitation of the Regent’s Prayer in public schools every day

2. Bring back the pledge of allegiance in public schools every day

3. Bring back voluntary posting of the Ten Commandments in public school rooms

4. Immediately stop all welfare programs which reward or encourage fatherlessness in poor communities until such time as the programs are amended to encourage two parent homes with a father and a mother. Having a father and a mother in the home is the number one indicator of future mental and financial success for children, and a number one indicator of future adherence to the law

5. Immediately do away with the Howard Zinn “history from below” (i.e., anti-American socialist propaganda) model of history in public schools, and re-implement true American history and civics. Teach the founding principles.

6. Teach money management in schools. Every child should come out of their education with a strong dislike of debt and a strong affinity towards hard work and saving

7. Do away with draconian gun laws and encourage hunting and knowledge of self-defense. This goes hand in hand with encouraging having a father in the home

In short, we need to go back and do the things we’ve done in previous generations before leftists did away with Judeo Christian morality, the same leftists who today act shocked that people are getting used to hearing of mass murders in our communities.

The downfall of the city of Detroit over the last 50 years has been the subject of much discussion.  For example there was the time Stephen Crowder did a drive through of Detroit to document that much of the city is in a shockingly run down condition –

Here is my response to someone online who was recently trying to imply that the destruction in some inner-cities such as Detroit has been the result of racial inferiority.

All sorts of folks with all sorts of features are involved with all sorts of cultures. Drawing a line around skin color is an unscientific way to define a “race” because:

1) For ever variation of human feature you will find some individual, some family, who is exactly in-between so that you may never draw a line and say, “here is where the ‘x’ race begins”, or, “here is where the ‘y’ race ends, etc.

2) Every person is the result of endless migrations by endless families across the earth. For example, the average person from Latin America has ancestors from American first nations, from Africa, from Spain, and through Spain from Italy (Romans), Arabia (Moors) and even Northern Europe (Goths). How could anyone begin to classify such a person as being a separate “race”? Every group of people on earth has a similarly intertwined history. My family is from middle England so I have Irish, Scottish, Britain, Scandinavian, Norman and French. And that’s just on my Father’s side (which also includes, more recently, Montana Niitsitapi “Blackfoot” Indian, which flows through my very European looking veins).

3) Genetic science has recently proven the existence of a progenitor “Mitochondrial Eve” from whom all people are descended. Even science backs up the idea that we are all simply human beings.

4) Drawing a line around skin color would be like drawing a line around height. Imagine saying that, “from now on everyone who is 5’7″ to 5’8″ is a separate race – the Mid-Heighters!” Ridiculous. It is no less ridiculous to insist that someone is a separate race because of iris color, shoe size, double-jointedness or whatever their melanin happens to be.

I believe this is a solid response to racism.

Feeling Cantankerous

A few tongue in cheek thoughts on the assault rifle debate –

1. They’re called assault rifles because if you’re shot 2 or 3 times by a semi-automatic AR-15, that would constitute an act of assault against you, whereas if you are shot 2 or 3 times by a muzzle loader, a lever action or even a semi-automatic wooden stocked rifle (such as a 30.06 or 270), that would not be an act of assault against you.  That must be the logic of the Left who came up with the term, right?

2. The defining features of assault rifles are ergonomic in nature. This type of thing is much more common than you might believe. I hate to admit it but I have an assault chair at work, and I recently purchased an assault keyboard. (Man, the keyboard looks so cool!)

3. I think before we address the assault rifle problem we should take a cold, hard look at indecent exposure rifles, extortion rifles, racketeering rifles and unreasonable use of force rifles. I do ~not~ think we need to address petty rifles, such as white lie rifles and rifles which are simply feeling cantankerous.

Joe Socialist


Joe gets up and the government dictates what he works at and how he does his work. If he’s lucky then they only take 60% of his income and he’s in a lottery to get one of the rare cars in circulation in several years. The day Joe turns 61 he develops cancer. He is put on a waiting list and by the time he gets in to see a government doctor it’s too late. He could be saved with aggressive treatment at that time, but care is rationed and he’s too old. Before he turns 63 there is ~no more~ JOE SOCIALIST. The end.

PS, in a weird twist of fate people give their lives trying to escape socialism (which keeps guns and guard towers facing their own people), but the economy of socialism collapses because social planners run out of other people’s money to spend. The walls come down and people are politically and economically free. But Joe’s grand-daughter, who has never known need in her life, goes to a modern university funded with dollars from economic freedom, using money earned by her parents and other taxpayers, and is indoctrinated into socialism by theorists and radicals living off the fruits of a free market, wearing Levis and Nikes, drinking Starbucks and using iPhones, in the last enclave on earth where anyone could still believe in socialism – a Western nation that became rich through the blessed opposite of socialism.